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What Everyone Is Saying About Us

We have hosted the Memphis Acoustic Music Association's last few concerts, as well as a rehearsal dinner for the Thomas family. Here is what they have to say about our new venue: 

"I wouldn't have anything changed - warm and beautiful, welcoming, and the sound could not have been a bit better."


Memphis Acoustic Music Association

"A memory for a lifetime was made in this venue - we found ourselves cradled in quality, love, service, professionalism, accommodation and creativity. Overton Chapel is the standard!"

Lana Marler

"The wedding was beautiful! Thank you for helping make the vision a reality!"


Holly Holtzman Ryerson

"Overton Chapel was the perfect space for our event, a worship night with our church family."


Abbye Pates

Christ United Methodist Church

"Without hesitation, I would book this venue again because they were so accommodating and a joy to work with."


Tonda Thomas

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